Your Barnes and Moore leather goods will only get better with age, but being a natural material leather does need nourishing from time to time.

There are numerous leather finishing products available in today’s marketplace, however we find that an occasional light coating of neatsfoot oil is sufficient to keep your leather in optimum condition.

You can purchase our own pure neatsfoot oil here.

Please note that applying oils will result in slight shade variation to lighter leathers.

To clean your Barnes and Moore waxed cotton product simple wipe down with a damp cloth.

Do not dry clean or wash with detergents.

Shell Cordovan contains natural oils, so to restore it’s original lustre simply buff with a brush or soft cloth. The only product we would recommend for this leather is a small application of Saphir Renovateur from time to time.

We do not stock this product, but it can be purchased at

The majority of our hardware is made from solid brass or solid copper, and finished naturally, or in a variety of platings or coatings.

Natural brass and copper will show some discolouration over time, which is part of the natural process of the material, and adds to the character of the hardware.

If a more highly polished finish is preferred, simply treat the hardware with a proprietary brass/metal polish such as Reckitt & Sons’ ‘Brasso’ and polish with a soft cloth.

Please note: Avoid applying any hardware polish to areas of leather, as this may cause discolouration of the hide.