You can restore the weatherproofing of your Barnes and Moore wax cotton bag with this wax formula from Halley Stevensons.

Each tin contains 1.5 oz. of genuine Halley Stevensons® wax for application to the waxed cotton body of our bags (not intended for use on the leather areas of your bag).

To reproof your bag follow these steps:

  • Choose a warm environment to get started.
  • Stand the tin of wax in warm water to soften the wax.
  • Work the wax evenly into the fabric, using a soft, clean cloth, with a focus on any dry or creased areas.
  • Used a hairdryer on a light heat (on the waxed cotton area, avoiding the leather on the bag) to finish.
  • Finally hang the bag in a warm room overnight.



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Natural wax dressing from Halley Stevensons of Scotland.

How It's Made

Natural wax dressing from Halley Stevensons of Scotland.

Halley Stevensons